Consortium of National and University Libraries

Sub-committees & Groups

The CONUL Committee has established a number of standing and ad hoc committees in order to provide expert advise on developments and issues of interest to members.

The groups carry out detailed work on behalf of CONUL and are directly answerable to it by way of the CONUL Committee.

Each group consists of a staff member nominated from member libraries thereby involving a large number of staff in the decision making process of CONUL.

The CONUL Committee agrees the terms of reference of groups when it sets them up.

A group may meet together and adjourn as it thinks proper within its brief, workplan and budget.

Group Chairs are responsible for convening and chairing meetings, distributing work to group members, meeting deadlines and keeping to any approved budgets.

In October each year groups agree the annual report on achievements during the past calendar year. At the same time an action plan is prepared for the coming year.

The report and action plan must be ready by the end of October so that the CONUL Committee can consider them at its meeting early November.

The Chair of CONUL or her/his nominee shall have the right to attend any and all group meetings.