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Caleb Derven (UL)  (Chair)

Arlene Healy (TCD) (Deputy Chair)

Brendan Devlin (TU Dublin)   (Secretary)

Ciarán Quinn (MU)      (Communications Officer)

Cillian Joy (NUIG)     (Deputy Communications Officer)

Michael Carragher (UU)

Aoife Coffey (UCC)

Eoin Kilfeather (NLI)

Fran Callaghan (DCU)

Grainne McCabe (RCSI)

Michelle Dalton (UCD)


The focus of the CONUL Research Group is to explore and promote best practice and provide guidance and expertise in a wide range of activities, including research data management, open access, scholarly communications, research impact, digital repositories, digitisation and digital preservation, common infrastructures, and digital scholarship.

Terms of Reference

Identify opportunities for improving research enablement and partnership.

The scope of this group includes topics such as open access, open science, scholarly communications, research data management, research impact, digital repositories, digitisation and digital preservation, metadata, common infrastructures, digital scholarship, skills and competencies development etc.

Monitor and maintain a watching brief of key organisations and developments in policy and advise the CONUL Board in a timely manner of policy initiatives relevant to members.

Horizon scanning, etc.

Support CONUL’s strategic objectives through the identification of collaborative projects and funding opportunities; and to coordinate and manage projects, in conjunction with others, where appropriate.

Advise, advocate, lobby and influence key stakeholders, locally, nationally and internationally, as appropriate

Devise strategies and frameworks to facilitate this.

Advocate on the research support mission and on the value that libraries bring to research.

Inform, communicate and report to the library community and other stakeholders.

Develop supports and guidelines.

Organise training and development events when required.

Collaborate with other CONUL groups, CONUL institutions and non CONUL affiliated organisations.

Work together with CONUL and CONUL groups to maximise the benefits to Irish research.

 Consider best ways of working with non-CONUL groups, including inviting others to events, running events with others, and networking.

Connect, liaise, nationally and internationally to ensure that CONUL maintains a national and international presence.

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Online Training Supports for Research Data Management

Irish digital scholarship landscape in 2018, key areas are digital preservation and research data curation/management.

In 2018, the Consortium of National and University Libraries (CONUL) Research Group organised a survey of Irish research libraries and institutions to better understand how we currently structure digital scholarship services and supports.

Results show the most supported digital scholarship activities are digitisation, making digital collections, metadata creation, and digital exhibitions. These mainly exist as primarily library functions, yet high levels of collaboration from both inside and outside the library are used to be effective in these activities. In addition, we see a highly collaborative (ad-hoc or structured) approach to enabling key digital scholarship activity, with IT staff, researchers, and finance staff appearing as the most frequent collaborative partners. Finally, the most critical digital skills gaps and areas to improve are digital preservation, data curation and management, computational text analysis/support.

The main aim of the survey was to identify current approaches to digital scholarship services and supports in Irish research and national libraries. What roles exist, what services are provided, and what gaps there are. In addition, we focused on how CONUL can help progress, improve, and institutionalise digital scholarship in Irish research institutions. The overall goal was to better understand how we currently structure digital scholarship services and supports and to collate information about existing digital scholarship activity in Irish research libraries. Results will be used to facilitate knowledge sharing between CONUL libraries and contribute towards the next steps taken by the CONUL Research Group.

Read the full digital scholarship services and supports survey report. You can also access the survey dataset.

Report title:

Digital Scholarship services and supports – an overview from Irish Research and National Libraries


Cillian Joy; Eoin Kilfeather; Caleb Derven; Arlene Healy


Julia Barrett

Document Archive

Core Trust Seal for Trustworthy Data Repositories, 2018-04-19 Dr John B. Howard.

CONUL Research Support Task and Finish Group (2014): Briefing Document & Recommendations

  • ANLTC Seminar (3rd Dec 2014): “Supporting the activities of your research community-issues and initiatives” CONUL Research Support Task and Finish Group.

Seminar Programme: ANLTC-2014-06-Course-programme

Seminar Presentations:

  1. “Relationship Building & Advocacy for Research Support Across Campus”/ Julia Barrett, Research Services Manage, The Library, University College Dublin.
  2. Publication Strategy: Helping Academics to Increase the Impact of their Research“/Dr Fintan Bracken, Research Services & Bibliometrics Librarian, Glucksman Library, University of Limerick.
  3. Available Online – Digitisation in the UK, Europe and Beyond – Alastair Dunning, Programme Manager, The European Library
  4. Archival Interventions – Integrating and Embedding Archival Material into Research – Barry Houlihan, Archivist, James Hardiman Library, National University of Ireland Galway
  5. Research data management and libraries: Relationships, activities, drivers and influences–Dr Stephen Pinfield, Senior Lecturer, Information School, University of Sheffield