Consortium of National and University Libraries



Libraries without borders: a post-Brexit statement of support from CONUL to our UK colleagues

CONUL represents the libraries of Dublin City University; Dublin Institute of Technology; Maynooth University; the National Library of Ireland; the National University of Ireland, Galway; Queen’s University Belfast; the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland; the Royal Irish Academy; Trinity College Dublin; Ulster University; University College Cork; University College Dublin; the University of Limerick.

We work collaboratively and innovatively by means of our collections and engagement with researchers. We advocate for open, transparent knowledge-sharing and dissemination.

In light of the Brexit referendum result, we confirm our continued commitment to collaborate, co- operate with and support our UK colleagues in our shared mission of

  • building and sustaining our research collections for science, industry and the humanities, for the public good and the advancement of our citizens;
  • developing open science and open access for the benefit of all our economies;
  • sharing knowledge and the fruits of research to governments to address the major issues impacting all humanity, and to enable all to build a better future.


Siobhán Fitzpatrick

Chair, on behalf of the CONUL Board

Issued: 13 July 2016 commitment-to- international-collaboration/ for-copyright- reform-in- europe.html reinforcing-openness- collaboration-research/

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