Consortium of National and University Libraries

Communication & Outreach

Membership 2017-2020

Chair Martin O’Connor (UCC)

Deputy Chair: Greg Sheaf (TCD)

Secretary: Carole Connolly (Maynooth University)

Communications Officer Sarah-Anne Kennedy (TU Dublin)

Janice Hill (DCU)

Evelyn Bohan (NUIG)

Josh Clark (UCD)

Michelle Breen (UL)


To communicate on behalf of CONUL (Board and Committees) and to work with the Board to:

  • promote CONUL and its work both nationally and internationally;
  • engage with various stakeholders on behalf of CONUL;
  • promote best practice in terms of communications and outreach within the CONUL group and CONUL libraries.

Aims of Group:

  • Identifying the communications channels and platforms for CONUL to employ.
  • Providing expert advice to CONUL Groups on communications and outreach.
  • Delivering CONUL’s key messages to core external audiences, including academic and other stakeholders.
  • Promoting CONUL and its work as appropriate, and with due regard to pre-existing roles and responsibilities, within member institutions.
  • Developing case studies and other material for use by CONUL members, in liaison with Group Communications Officers.
  • Developing and updating media toolbox for use by CONUL Institutions and CONUL Groups.
  • Receiving initial contact from the media and referring as appropriate.
  • Working with the CONUL Board to ensure that the branding and positioning of CONUL is carried out effectively, systematically and strategically.
  • Building communications capacity across the full CONUL membership.
  • Scanning Communications and Outreach horizons.


  • The group will exist for a three-year term with allowances to ensure continuity;
  • Meetings will be quarterly;
  • Meeting with CONUL Communications Officers of sub-groups, to ascertain changing needs, to take place biannually;
  • Meetings venues will rotate;
  • To input, via Chair, into CONUL Strategy Implementation Group;
  • To input into CONUL Training and Development Group.


  • Minutes will be kept of meetings. To be archived at the end of term;
  • Reporting will be to CONUL Board as required;
  • A CONUL Communications & Outreach Annual report will be provided each year for inclusion in CONUL Annual Report;
  • The CONUL Communications and Outreach Groups section of the webpage will be kept up-to-date to record activities of group.