Consortium of National and University Libraries

About Us


CONUL was established in 1971 by the seven university libraries and the National Library of Ireland. Later members to join the consortium were RCSI, TU Dublin and RIA. More recently Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Ulster have become members.


Allison Kavanagh (TU Dublin)
Gobnait O’Riordan (UL)
Cathal McCauley (MU)


Sandra Collins
John Cox
NUI Galway
John B. Howard (UCD)
Kate Kelly
John McDonough
Colette McKenna
Gobnait O’Riordan
Janet Peden
Ulster University
Helen Shenton
Jane O’Neill


The Management committee should consist of Library Directors (or equivalent).

 The Chair will lead, coordinate, speak on behalf of CONUL and convene CONUL meetings. The position is rotational every two years

The Secretary will deputise in the Chair’s absence, keep the non-financial records, manage the correspondence and submit an end of year report to the CONUL Committee. This position is rotational every two years.

The Chair and Secretary shall not change in the same year.

The Treasurer will manage the financial affairs, maintain the financial records, prepare and present the end of year accounts and treasurer’s report. This position will be reviewed every two years and the person in post may be renewed at the discretion of the Committee.

Executive support may be utilised as required.

There will be at least 4 committee meetings per year. The quorum for a meeting of the committee shall be 50% of its current membership

The resignation of any member of the committee shall be instituted by a letter of resignation to the Secretary. In the case of the resignation of the Secretary, resignation may be instituted by a letter of resignation to the Chair.

No member of the committee of the consortium  shall receive remuneration from the said body, neither shall s/he use the CONUL acronym as a post nominal designation.

CONUL will agree a three year strategic development plan with constant review and development as needed while providing regular communication to staff and other stakeholders.


CONUL, the consortium of National and University Libraries, is a consortium of Ireland’s major research libraries.  CONUL’s mission is to develop and improve the library and information services of the members through the exchange of experience and the organisation of cooperative activities, while collaborating with and informing external agencies as appropriate.


    • To foster discussion and establish agreed priorities on matters of concern
    • To promote the libraries to relevant bodies
    • To support the development of excellent collections and services via shared knowledge, experience and best practic
    • To issue briefing documents and position papers and other publications
    • To engage in advocacy and lobbying in relation to relevant national and international  policy frameworks or proposals
    • To disseminate information to CONUL members
    • To foster the continuous professional development of all members’ library staff


Membership is by invitation based upon the desirability of meeting a common purpose and cohesiveness of mission.


Each Member institution shall pay CONUL an annual subscription. The subscription amount will be decided by the CONUL Committee.  The subscription for each year shall be due on 1 January in that year.

Subcommittees and Task and Finish Groups

Standing subcommittees and task and finish groups will be set up by the Committee, as deemed required, with terms of reference and membership pre-approved by the Committee.

The CONUL Committee will nominate members to serve on other external committees and Boards by unanimous agreement at CONUL meetings.