Consortium of National and University Libraries

About Training & Development


The Academic and National Library Training Co-operative was founded in 1995. It became a sub-committee of CONUL in 2013 and was renamed ANLTC (CONUL Staff Training & Development). It was further rebranded in 2018 as CONUL Training & Development. Our aim is to identify training needs within member Irish academic and national libraries to form the basis of an ongoing co-operative training and development programme. This training supplements each institution’s own programme and through joint group consultation, aims to offer a wide range of training opportunities to library staff at an economical rate. Co-operative training also enables staff to meet colleagues from other institutions.


  1. Explore, research and identify training and development needs for CONUL staff in response to the needs of the consortium and the CONUL strategy.
  2. Monitor and maintain a watching brief on best international practices for staff training and development.
  3. Proactively engage with the CONUL Strategy Monitoring Group and CONUL Groups to identify training needs within the consortium.
  4. Develop and manage a programme of training events which underpins the delivery of world-class services by our staff including:
    • An annual programme of training events and seminars.
    • The annual CONUL conference.
    • A programme of exchange visits for Irish Librarians and international colleagues.
    • A biennial CONUL Training & Development Library Assistant Award to support professional development and engagement.
    • A biennial CONUL Training & Development Research Award to promote and encourage practitioner-based research.
  5. Connect nationally and internationally with relevant organisations and groups and seek to develop these to the mutual benefit of our staff.
  6. Produce position papers and advise on key issues relating to staff training and development for research libraries.
  7. Communicate, inform and report regularly to foster collaboration and open communication.




Twitter: @conultd